Consider Falling, 
ONCA Gallery, Brighton PhotoFringe

Consider Falling … watching life unfold as if observed through a screen, the numbing of sight and muting of shades. The sensation of grief exposed through the loss of experience, when all that once was is shrouded in an impenetrable glaze. How must it feel when what one imagines to be cohesively ‘real’, that socially-agreed contract of existence, becomes splintered?
Composed of mediated fragments, a series of moving image exerts merged within an installation, Consider Falling balances on the edge of document and form. Rooted in research surrounding the anxiety disorders Derealisation (the condition wherein a person feels the reality surrounding them is unreal) and Depersonalisation (a feeling of detachment from oneself, or that oneself is unreal) the precarious nature of perception is performed through a series of works that accumulate to create a subtly unsettling experience.
Through interviews with service users at the DPD research centre and those met online, I started to piece together a loose understanding of the conditions they described. In doing so I began to marry the political slippage, in light of recent shifts, of an altered reality one that is yet to be navigated. A foot into the unknown

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